I can’t believe that October is already here. At the moment I’m working on planning my novel for National Novel Writing Month, which begins on November 1. If you aren’t familiar with the activity, it is a month in which writers work to compose a 50,000 or better in 30 days.

30 days? 50,000 words? That means if you want to be consistent you need to write at least 1,667 words each day. You can do all the planning you want, but you can’t write a single word of the novel before November 1.

I’m discovering some things about myself as a writer as I think about what I want to write and jot down ideas and notes.

1. It takes detailed planning to write a novel. In the past five days, I have come to realize that my protagonist can’t tell the story as it goes forward. It almost begs for it to be a reflection of how his life has shaped him.

2. For some reason, I have always shied away from writing in the first person, but this story keeps me thinking about first person.

3. Most of the pieces I’ve written have utilized a female protagonist, but this time my protagonist needs to be a male.


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