While I was teaching, my work day was scheduled for me. The administration scheduled the five classes, two preparation periods, and lunch for me. I knew I was to be in the building by 8:15 and that the work day ended at 4:00.

Image courtesy of keerati at
Image courtesy of keerati at

I knew when the bell to begin and end each class period rang. I knew that on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:00 the city would test their emergency alert system. I knew that whatever was happening in my classroom would come to a screeching halt because the siren was just outside my window and my voice couldn’t carry over the noise.

As a parent of active children, I knew when they had to be at school or at the various activities that they participated in. I knew how much time I needed to devote to them and how much I needed to devote to my teaching career when most people’s days were over.

I knew that, for the most part, my summers belonged to my children and professional development and planning for the next school year.

Now, in retirement that rigid planning is over for me.

As a writer, I need to plan how I am going to get things done. I am working to learn the art of organization. Yes, organization is an art. It requires creativity, energy, emotion, and flexibility.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

I am learning how to utilize a bullet journal, but putting my own spin on it. I purchased a calendar to record important appointments, but then I am trying to check that calendar daily and move the appointment to my bullet journal. (Some days it works; some days I forget.)

I also have started recording things on my Google calendar so that I get a reminder on my phone. For instance, it reminded me today that I needed to write a post for this blog.

The final friend I found was Evernote. It was a time saver for Christmas lists and shopping. I had a notebook for Christmas shopping and then a page in the notebook for each person I had to buy for. Evernote syncs with my laptop and my phone so I always have the information I need.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

I have a plan. I have goals. Now, I have to become my own administrator and tell myself to get to work. Can it be done? I sure hope so.

If you have ideas for planning and organizing your writing career, please share. As a writer, I could use more ideas, and I wager that there are others out there in the writing world who could use ideas on how to be more productive.


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