Blogging 101 courses began Sunday night/Monday morning. This is the assignment for day 3. Since I have two blogs registered for this class, I am going to highlight, copy, paste, and plagiarize myself.

DAY 3 – follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs

So, I’ve been typing different words into the tags for the reader – some I find have nothing connected with them (I think some of the topics were lengthily worded.), but I have added 10 because I registered 2 blogs: community theater, camping, traveling, cooking for one, gardening, downsizing, exercising, eating clean, holistic healing, and trucker’s wife.

As to finding and liking five new blogs, I felt that I should search through the blogs of the people participating in this course. I was surprised at the number of blog links that didn’t work, but no, I didn’t get to all of them. Since I registered two blogs, I feel responsible to find not 5, but ten blogs/bloggers that speak to me:

Ali Moon Goddess: living simply, but with glitter

Sandy Erickson Real Estate Team

Sultry Confessions

Petal & Mortar: Turn your can’ts into cans & dreams into plans

Karin E. Weiss: Writer, Artist, Dreamer

Words that Work: Laurel Johnson, copywriter

From This Day Forward: I Choose How My Story Ends

The Traveling Quill 

life by d magdalene

The Broken Spine

Because I pulled up several without counting, here’s one more:

L’Inspired Living

I enjoyed skimming and reading several of the other blogs I pulled up.


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