Yup, again, through my own fault, I have procrastinated getting started. This statement, however, is a breakthrough. Instead of stating “through no fault of my own,” I have taken ownership of my procrastination.

Day 1’s assignment was to think about what I want from this blog and to write three concrete goals. This is truly a more complex task than I expected.

So to start, I need to discover why I blog with this specific blog. As a writer, I am looking for this blog gaining an audience of followers. I have read that every writer needs a tribe. I want to share short fiction pieces and poems, but yes, I know that these pieces won’t be viable for most competitions and some publications. If I get people on board who read and like what I write, I will already have a base audience for the first novel I actually get finished. (I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month for several years. Some have found me with a 50,000+ word first draft and some have found a story wanting more development or research.)

I want people to get to know me not only as an author, but as a person.

I’d like to be able to inspire others to find the writer inside and help them develop that writer.

I also want to share the books I read. This has been a struggle because for the last few years as a high school English/Language Arts teacher. It wasn’t the job that injured my love of reading; I had already taught for 30 years. It was how the job had changed: implementation of uniform district writing tests that were massively read and an increase in the number of district required essays. I retired June 2014, and I am just now rediscovering my love of reading.

With this as a vision for this blog, I now need to identify my first three goals.

GOAL 1: Develop my editorial calendar (January – March of 2016).

GOAL 2: Add a minimum of 10 followers each month (January – March of 2016).

GOAL 3: Visit, read, comment a variety of blogs for an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (January – March of 2016).


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