As the clock ticks closer to dinner at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, I sit in this motel room in the city where I used to live and reflect on 2015. It went so, so fast. Why is it that the older I get, the faster the days, weeks, months, and years go? Every day still has 24 hours, every week 7 days, and for the most part every month has its given number of days. Except, of course 2016. February 2016 gets an extra day – Leap Year.

It seems like yesterday

(January 2, 2015) my husband had his knee scoped and cleaned out

(June 2015) purchased our new camper


(June, July, August, and September) numerous problems with new camper

(June 15, 2015) sixth grandson was born


(August 2015) found our forever home


(August/September 2015) moving sale and speed packing – I still cannot find my container of flour, hardtack rolling pin, kitchen baking scale, tote of shoes, and tote of Christmas tree ornaments. I still have a large number of boxes to unpack in my garage.

(September 2015) moved to our forever home & hubby started new job

(September 2015) trip back to home of 29 years to pack up a trailer with the things the moving company couldn’t or didn’t take. Trailer was 6′ X 12′. Since I was working alone (and exhausted), had nothing to use to secure the loads to the sides, and a minimum of time to work, the trailer was loaded front to back and side to side, but not bottom to top. I just couldn’t lift anything more.

(October 2015) hubby diagnosed with a minimum of 7 ulcers

(October 2015) second trip north for what I thought would be the last of the stuff. Seriously, did I really think it would be the last? Yup, I did. So I rented a smaller trailer – 5′ X 8′. I think that over the past 29 years, the walls of the house acted like a sponge and sucked up possessions and belongings. There was so much more that I thought there was that my youngest has several things that he is storing for me.

(November 2015) hubby has a heart attack – 2 stents and 5 days later he is released from hospital

(December 2015) baked 10 batches of cookies in order to give away 12 plates of cookies to the wonderful people who made us feel so welcome in our new community.

As for my writing, I enrolled in several WordPress Blogging University courses, and worked to develop five decent blogs. Most of the time I was learning how to work WordPress rather than writing.

Submitted a few poems to a project called Word of Art 2, and some poems and short stories to Rockford Writes.

Began NaNo (National Novel Writing Month), attempting to write from a male point of view. I really struggled with that.

2015 was a stressful year, but everything that we encounter in life comes to us with a purpose. Our struggles and successes make us who we are.

So my challenge for you today is to take a look at what 2015 put in your life to encounter.



One thought on “REFLECTING ON 2015”

  1. So the reason time seems to speed up as we get older. I think of the TP roll. Starting out it is hard to roll but as you get to the end it really speeds up. I hope that helps, lol 🙂

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