One month into the new year and I’m just getting to the point where I can have you over for coffee. It is so good to see you.

How have you been?

If we were having coffee right nowI’d ask you about your latest project. “What about you?” you might ask me. Me? Well? Now that Hubby is back to work, I feel that I can sit down and put pen to paper, so to speak. In fact, I’m working on a couple of submissions right now. “What?” you ask, and I would tell you about the two February 29th deadlines I have.

If we were having coffee right now … I’d share that I watched Master Chef Junior with excitement as two nine year old girls battled for the title. I’d share that I wish there could be a competition like that for young writers, but I think watching the process of creation would bore the audience.

If we were having coffee right now .. we would probably be talking about upcoming writer conferences and conventions. The one I really want to get to is the UW Madison Writers’ Institute, but there are a number of roadblocks in my way this year.

If we were having coffee right now … I would tell you about the book I am currently reading (The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster). It was a book that was suggested at a writers’ conference for all writers to read. I can see why. You ask why and I hand you my copy. I also tell you that I would love to be able to read at least one book a week this year (like the writer of one of the newsletters I receive) – so far I am two and a half books behind.

If we were having coffee right now … I’d share with you the ideas I have implemented in hopes to get organized and be consistent with my blogging posts. I’d tell you that I spent about two weeks working with calendars and getting my desk space set up so that I actually felt like writing.

Monthly planner
Writing Notebooks: the butterfly one is for blogging notes / the black one is for prompt responses


motivation box
The Motivation Box – I cut apart the “7 Days of Inspiration” column in Woman’s World magazine and glued each to a separate card. The stack of cards fits perfectly in an Irish Cigarillos box. I pull a new one out each week and put it on the big paperclip.
inside writer toy box
My writer’s toy box includes a kaleidoscope of the world, dragonfly eye, a second kaleidoscope, Chinese chime balls, and a small container of Playdoh.
writer implements
On the right corner, sits my writing partner (Snoopy), a mini sand garden, and my various pens.

YES, I am now ready to write.

What’s new in your life?


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