Wow! Another week has passed. It seems like they are moving faster and faster. The temperature here is expected to get into the 70s this week. According to the weatherman on the news this morning, it is about 15 degrees above the normal average for this time of year.

If we were having coffee right now …I would tell you that I finally jumped into the writing scene in Middle Tennessee this past week with both feet. Yup, I stepped outside my comfort zone and drove to Hermitage for a Nashville Writers’ Meet-Up. I had no idea what to expect, but I swallowed my fear and confronted the fact that I needed to get back with people who are writers. It’s a once a month critique group: bring something you wrote, pass out copies, read it, and hear what people think about it. Then, Saturday, I went to another meeting about the Future Vision for the Nashville Writers’ Meet-Up.

If we were having coffee right now … I would tell you that I booked a flight so that I could go to UW Madison Writers’ Institute in April. Now I just need to figure out how to completely pay for it. Grrrr! After going for the last five years and learning so much and leaving inspired to get my words down on paper, it was eating at me that I was not planning on going. So, last night, I bit the bullet and got my flight scheduled. Now I need to register for the institute and book a room.

If we were having coffee right now … I would tell you that I have resurrected one of my novels and am working on revisions. The first read through the first seven chapters left me with the feeling that I am over wordy. Then, after having my husband read it, and then a writer friend read it with a critical eye, I have plunged head long into revision.

If we were having coffee right now … I would share with you the fact that it feels so good to be reading again. I can’t believe that it took me nearly two years to fall in love with reading again. You see, I hated reading while I was teaching English. Not because I hated reading, but because I would be mentally exhausted with reading the novels, textbooks, and materials that I needed to teach; and then reading the student’s essay, reports, and stories. There was literally no time, nor energy, to read for personal pleasure while I was teaching.

How was your week? What insights or successes do you have to share? (Take a moment to share in the comments.)



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