Wow! This is day 11 of Content Igniter’s 15-Day Blogging Challenge. It has been incredible.

I think the most incredible aspect of this challenge so far has been turning the authority content (Steps to be your own first editor) into a lead magnet (free ebook). Did you take advantage of my free ebook, Editing for Writers? If not, check it out by clicking HERE.

This challenge has reminded me that I enjoy teaching, and that it was the grading, complaining, and politics of education that burned me out. So, here I am. I’m ready to help you learn how to write, start your editing process, and yes, even give you some help as a public speaker.

Being a writer is a challenge. You are pretty much working alone; you must be your own motivator; and you must be passionate about your topic. You see, until this challenge, I’d gotten lost in the aloneness of the writing life; I’d forgotten how to be my own motivator; and the stress of life and moving depleted my passion for any of the topics I enjoyed writing about.

In April, I went to a Writing Convention in Madison, Wisconsin and reunited with many of my writer friends. Just being with them reminded me of my passion for writing.

With this in mind, I am planning to publish a monthly newsletter with writing prompts, writing tips, and editing tips – I might even add public speaking.

If you are interested in receiving my monthly newsletter, fill in the contact form and don’t forget to check the box “subscribe to newsletter.”


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