Wow! Has it really been 15 days since I started the Content Igniter’s 15 Day Blogging Challenge?

I have participated in other blogging classes, courses, and challenges over the past few years with one or more of my blogs, BUT Content Igniter’s is the first one I have ever seen through to the conclusion.


We should all own our successes, but there are some reasons that I found more success in this challenge than in the others I have participated in.

  1. We were a small group. The size made it easy to read other people’s posts and for them to read mine. The size made it personable.
  2. The tone of Mike’s emails and Facebook posts was caring and motivational.
  3. The level of communication was a step above the rest of the courses and challenges out there.


  1. This challenge became a good motivational took for me. It helped me refocus my writing.
  2. I learned the value of the different types of content. This is something no other course/challenge has covered.
  3. I successfully divided a topic into FIVE related posts and brought those posts back together into an e-book.
  4. I was connected with some incredible people – facilitator included.
  5. I learned that you can take the teacher out of a conventional classroom, but a born teacher will help others learn regardless of the venue.


  1. I plan to use some of the tasks to re-launch my other blogs.
  2. I would love to create more short e-books and possibly even charge a nominal fee.
  3. I have plans to create a monthly newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to that newsletter, fill out the form here. I’m planning to send out the first issue in June.


  1. Thank you, Mike, for making the tasks each day useful.
  2. I would love to see our Facebook group continue.


  1. Hi Karna,
    It’s great to see how you were able to get through this challenge and do so while creating really quality posts. Excellent job and well done! Thanks for your comments and you can be assured that the Facebook group is going to continue as I have some more great plans for that group as well as some tasks/activities for all of us to continue doing together.

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