To those of you who have followed me but have seen no action on this blog,

To those of you who I have taken blogging challenges with,

The whirl-wind of living is that life never makes things easy or simple for any of us. Back in April, I had determinedly refocused my writing life. I had accepted a couple of blogging and writing challenges to guide and motivate me to develop a consistent writing agenda. But then, life laughed in my face.

I had been leading a Monday through Friday single life. I had the work week to create a schedule that worked for me so that when my husband rolled into town on a Friday night or Saturday morning, I could devote the weekend to being with him and exploring the new city and state we had moved to. The powers that be must have thought that was too self-focused.

In early May, my husband asked me to hurry home (I had been playing for career day at a local elementary school with a few members of the orchestra I play with.) and take him to the ER. His vision had become cloudy and tinged red. Twelve ER hours later (divided between two different hospitals and a 40 minute drive) my husband was diagnosed with a blood clot in his eye due to leaking blood vessels. His vision as of today is little improved which prompted us to close our one truck trucking business and sell his rig.

Add to this the “teacher’s malady” and you have a recipe for listlessness and lethargy. “What,” you ask, “is the ‘teacher’s malady?'”

The “teacher’s malady” is the relief in May or June when the school year is over. It is the allowing of the teacher-self to relax while drinking coffee in the morning, to sit in conversation with friends who you rarely have time to visit with and talk about things other than education, to sit and watch the television shows that have gone unseen, to read those books for enjoyment rather than necessity, to lollygag around the house all day in your PJs if you want, and to actually get the house somewhat clean. It is time to re-connect, re-group, and re-energize so that when August or September roll around you are ready to walk back into the classroom with a fresh outlook.

Ok, so my “teacher’s malady” should be on the mend. After all, I have been retired for two school years. No, my friend. After 17 years as a student and 34 years as a teacher, it takes more that two school years for the habits to wear off. This August, I still thought about how I might teach differently this year.

BUT, tonight I sit on my back deck in Middle Tennessee as I pen this blog. The first, I hope, of a consistent blogging habit as well as a consistent writing habit.

home page
view from my cafe table
barn and shop
the barn (wood structure), the shop ( the metal building), the condo on wheels
the farmer’s pasture for cows

This is my author/writer blog and I am re-acquainting myself with it and my writer-self. I have to admit that I like my writer-self.

At present, I have no real direction for my author/writer blog than to get me writing on a regular basis.

There are things that I would like to include and highlight. There is a newsletter on the horizon as well as the possibility of online teaching and coaching (as well as possibly teaching courses with Nashville Writer’s House of which I have become a founding member). I am also looking to add bits and pieces (short stories and poems) of my writing on here. The direction remains to be seen, but at least I am writing again.

How has your writer-life worked to incorporate change? If you have any suggestions, I’d love to read them in the comments you leave.


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