Almost two years ago I moved my residence from Northern Illinois to Middle Tennessee.


I have moved my website.

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Oh, my! It’s a Monday morning on a Tuesday evening. Where have the past two days gone? Monday felt like Sunday, and well, today feels like today.

If we were having coffee right now …I would share with you the excitement I am feeling at being one of the founding members of Nashville Writer’s House, set up and led by Cherie Bennett: NYT Best-Selling Novelist, EMMY Winner, TONY Winner.


So excited that Cherie is holding two free workshops about “Art, Business, and Craft of Creative Writing” on Wednesday, September 28 and Wednesday, October 5. If you live in the Nashville area, consider registering for these two workshops. Check out the information on NASHVILLE WRITER’S HOUSE.

If we were having coffee right now… (Really? Coffee this close to bedtime? – YES! Especially when you write into the wee hours of the morning.) I’d tell you that I just found the right colors for the repainting of my writing studio. I have finally gotten overcome with the deep pink and brown that it was painted before we moved in.

new office center
Although I have turned my desk around to face into the room, I can still sit and look out the window. See the pink walls and the brown curtains? TOO OVERBEARING.
new office resource wall
Brown left wall and the wall parallel to it. White trim and doors. Pink wall.

If we were having coffee right now … I’d ask you for suggestions on how I can maintain a consistent writing schedule. I set up schedules and projects, but I need some help with staying focused and not getting off track.

If we were having coffee right now… I would share my excitement about going back home for my 40th high school class reunion. I can’t believe 40 years have passed. Where does time go? I don’t, most of the time, feel this old – like tonight at Target when we found adult footie pajamas (Union suits) that would make the wearer look like a giraffe, a leopard, an elephant, a minion, Eeyore, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and many others. My husband and I giggled as we pulled each one off the rack and held it up to our frame. Then we perused the Halloween department and the toy department.

If we were having coffee right now … I would ask you what you think of some of the new shows that are premiering. In addition to the new season of The Voice, I’m excited to see that CMT has picked up Nashville. I’ve gotten hooked on it. Other shows I checked out or have recorded to view later include “The Good Place”, “This is Us”, “Designated Survivor”, and of course “Modern Family”. Which shows are you watching?