Like most of us, Karna learned about writing in elementary school, junior high (middle) school, and high school where she composed short stories, poems, and plays as well as those dreaded research papers and essays. During high school and college, she also took creative writing courses.

In 1980, Karna accepted her first teaching position. During her 34 years of teaching, Karna held the philosophy that she wouldn’t expect her students to write anything that she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, write. This has given her a wide variety of pieces in her portfolio.

Karna retired from teaching in June 2014. This freed her from writing lesson plans, units, and other required formulaic pieces; and from reading student essays, research papers, and creative pieces.

Now, she has the time to write and the time to read what she wanted. BUT, without having to squeeze in 10 minutes to write somewhere in the day, Karna knows the struggle with developing a writing schedule. It has taken her a year and a half to rediscover the passion for writing that she had once taken for granted.

Karna decided that 2016 was the year to show her stuff as a writer.

Karna maintains a portfolio on with the member name of Caressa. Several of the pieces in this portfolio were written for contests.

Karna has been published in

Rockford Writes

Rockford Writes

The Word of Art,

a project conceived by Mary Lamphere of InPrint Professional Writers that had artists choosing written pieces and creating a work of art inspired by the written word.

One of Karna’s pieces, “The Immigrant” was awarded Judge’s Choice for the Written Word.



several issues of Rockford Review, a bi-yearly publication by Rockford Writers’ Guild.

rockford review

Karna has also penned newsletters for Rockford Writers’ Guild and Guilford High School.

Being eclectic in her interests, Karna works on posts for her niche blogs:

THE DRIVEWAY CAFE – An inspiration, motivation, live happy, neighborly conversation kind of blog

TICKET TO WANDER – A travel and exploration blog

ECLECTIC RECIPE BOOK – Stories and recipes from my family

KILTERED CONDITION – a blog about living a healthy and balanced life

In the near future, she will be looking to put herself out there as writer for hire.