Today found me driving home in fog, mist, and rain while listening to old radio classics: Screen Director’s Play (The Big Clock, The Trouble With Women, Meet Mr. McNutley, Jack Benny Program), When Radio Was (Burns & Allen Pt2, Crime Classics, Let George Do It, Crime Club), Inner Sanctum Mysteries (Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam, Death Pays the Freight, The Whistler, Suspense) just to name a few.

I love listening to these old shows. They show how writing has changed. In the Golden Age of Radio, the writing needed to create the actual picture in the listener’s head. With the possibility of confusing one actor’s voice with another, the writing had to be spot on for the listener.

I look at some people’s writing and think that they need to listen to old radio shows. Continue reading “A WRITER’S THOUGHTS”